GEO Series 2013
Info: Munkowitz isn't shy about his love for Psychedelia, which contribute greatly to his design aesthetic... Infinite Tunnels, Diamond Voids, Op Art and endless iterations of bioluminescent GEO adorn his Favorite References.. This GEO series is an initial attempt to recreate some of munko's Fantastic Voyages into a tangible, visual language... However, since these manifestations are infinitely complex and beyond visual comprehension, we certainly have a long ways to go... ( and do click on the images to view them full sex )

OCULUS PERUZZI | Prints at Society6

MILLER'S CROSSES | Prints at Society6

Ti - Fi | Prints at Society6

OCULUS DICHROISM | Prints at Society6


Design Methodology: Collaborator and Code Genius Marcin Ignac built munko a system for generating highly detailed Geometry using sliders and live, iterative previews; all packaged within a minimal WebGL application interface... This app was used to create all the Geometric structures and exported as OBJs, which were then brought into Maya for texturing, lighting and rendering in Vray to make sexy-time...

++ LINK to the GEO Generator App ++

Concept, Lead Designer
for Team Deem™